Busy Professionals

Sure, you were in great shape in college.  But that was back when you had the time to spend hours in the gym, the resiliency of a twenty-year-old to bounce back from boozy, short-sleeping nights, and none of those nagging injuries and pains that seem to pile up over time.

That’s why we work with busy professionals to design time-efficient, goal-focused approaches to working out and lifestyle design.  And with strong accountability tools, we make sure they stick with the plan over the long-haul, so they can continue to see meaningful results.

Virtually all of our incoming professional clients bring some history of dysfunction to the table – tweaky backs, bad shoulders, busted knees and more.  Our thoughtful, kinesiology-based programming doesn’t just aim to work around those injuries; we actually fix them.  If you don’t address the underlying cause of an old injury, you’re likely to repeat it in new and ever more spectacular variation.

We spend time with our clients on movement patterns and mobility, and then on building strength, power, speed and intensity in those movements.  You’ll become more resilient.  You’ll build fitness you can put to use in the real world.  And, most importantly, you’ll look a whole hell of a lot better naked.

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