Lifestyle Coaching

While nutrition and exercise are the core of any fitness program, both rest on the bedrock of your broader lifestyle.  Do you sleep enough?  Do you sleep well?  How do you manage your stress?  How do sun, cold, toxin and noise exposure factor in?

Often, when people aren't seeing progress, problems with lifestyle are to blame.  And, as with all other aspects of fitness, there's often a sizable gap between knowing what to do, and then actually doing it.

That's why Composite takes lifestyle coaching very seriously.  Beginning with in-depth assessments, we then design personalized lifestyle plans, which take into account your current realities, while also pointing you down the most efficient path towards your goals.  We implement your plan through our ongoing, accountability-based approach, to help you stay on that path, and to continually tweak as needed so you progress as quickly as possible.

Lifestyle Coaching is available for $99 a month, or for $449 for six months (save $145!).

Because our programs work most effectively together, however, most clients opt for an integrated Composite Fitness package, which provide all of our services combined, at a discounted monthly rate.