Nutrition Coaching

As the old saw goes, abs are made in the kitchen.  Smart nutrition accounts for a large percentage of your progress towards health and performance goals.

At the same time, food is delicious, and New York City is full of amazing restaurants.  If you eat like a monk (or worse, a bodybuilder), you're robbing yourself of one of the great joys of NYC life.  You may not live forever, but it will certainly feel that way.

That's why Composite designs nutrition plans based on cutting-edge science that still allow you to enjoy life.  Leveraging the best research, we create habit-based approaches that are sustainable over the long term.  We then help you implement those habits in your life, and keep you accountable until your new, healthier patterns start to feel like second nature.

That yields great fitness results, and keeps our clients far happier along the way.

Nutrition Coaching is available for $149 a month, or for $699 for six months (save $195!). 

Because our programs work most effectively together, however, most clients opt for an integrated Composite Fitness package, which provide all of our services combined, at a discounted monthly rate.