Personal Training

Composite’s personal training sessions run an hour long, and reflect our Composite approach, with each session containing Positioning, Skill, Strength, Power and Conditioning segments.

Our team can come to your building or office gym, or work with you at one of several highly-equipped facilities around the city (at 72nd and Broadway, 49th and 8th, or 28th & 5th), depending on your preference.

In our first sessions with new clients, we focus on goal-setting and movement assessment, so we can tailor plans that take you from wherever you are now to where you want to go, while working to resolve old injuries and unsafe motor patterns along the way.

From there, our sessions are fast-paced, and full of productive work from end to end; if you want a personal trainer who’ll spend as much time talking about your weekend as on actually working out, we may not be a fit.

Our coaches are fun and friendly, and our sessions are a good time.  But they’re also going to push you, hard.  That’s how you get results.

Personal Training is available for $125 per session, or for $999 for ten sessions (save $250!). 

Because our programs work most effectively together, however, most clients opt for an integrated Composite Fitness package, which provide all of our services combined, at a discounted monthly rate.

Either way, get started today!