Program Design

Maybe you're following a generic marathon training template pulled from a book, a strength-focused circuit you found in a magazine, your CrossFit box's same-for-everyone WOD, or - worst of all - just going by feel and machine availability when you show up at the gym.  

In any of those cases, you're wasting time, and undercutting your potential.  You need an approach that's tailored to your specific needs: your goals, your injuries, your strengths and weaknesses, your available time and your access to equipment.

And you want an approach that takes into account the best research on strength and conditioning science.  Trust us, you don't want to have to slog through volumes by Verkhoshansky and Zatsiorsky just to get started on figuring it out on your own.  (We have, and they're not what we'd call light reading.)

That's why we design personalized, research-based programming built on periodized approaches to maximize your results over time.  We provide programming in one-month blocks, then watch clients progress week by week, tweaking where necessary to improve efficiency, or to take into account the roadblocks that pop up in real life, whether training injuries or unexpected travel.

For clients whose time is at a premium, our programs can be tailored to allow them to complete a portion of their workouts at home.  And all of our programs include daily movement prescriptions, which broaden their impact beyond what happens within the confines of more focused training sessions.

Program Design is available for $149 a month, or for $699 for six months (save $195!). 

Because our programs work most effectively together, however, most clients opt for an integrated Composite Fitness package, which provide all of our services combined, at a discounted monthly rate.