Serious Athletes

Jenny Meyer was an amateur runner.  She loved jogging, but she wasn’t fast.  We cut her mileage, added in a bunch of smarter work – on the track and in the gym – and changed her diet and lifestyle.  After two years of hard work, she won the New Jersey Marathon.

Whether you’re a professional dancer, an amateur track cyclist or a semi-pro MMA fighter, we’ll work with you on the two things that matter most: customizing your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle design to maximize the attributes that actually pay off when you hit game day; and addressing old injuries and faulty movement patterns so you can stay healthy, training and competing for the long-term without having to take dreaded time off.

We start by assessing your athletic goals and your current strengths and limitations.  From there, we design programs that we can implement in partnership – some of it with us pushing you and tweaking your form in person, the rest with you doing the work on your own and reporting back to us about results, so we can continue to evolve your plan.

By and large, athletes tend to be highly self-motivated.  But working harder isn’t always the same thing as working smarter.  We’ll make sure that your time in the gym and at practice really translates onto the track, field, court, stage or ring.

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