The Composite Concept

“Fitness” isn’t a simple, unitary goal.  Instead, it’s a broad outcome, the result of interlocking aspects of health and performance all pushing forward together.

Composite groups its interventions into three categories - Lifestyle, Nutrition and Movement - which together make up the mainstays of health:

Composite addresses Nutrition and Lifestyle through specific coaching and accountability programs.  While these two elements are the base upon which all fitness is built, they also take place primarily outside of the gym, so they're too often ignored by personal trainers and coaches.  Still, they have a greater impact on overall health and performance than anything that happens during a workout, so it’s imperative to get them right.  Composite focuses on building sustainable, habit-based approaches to nutrition and lifestyle improvement, with an emphasis on solidifying keystone habits - small changes that drive other positive changes in turn - and then on building from those keystone habits in research-backed, objectively-assessed, and personally-tailored ways. 

Through program designpersonal training, and group classes, Composite addresses Movement, which begins with developing the mobility and kinesthetic awareness to achieve sound athletic archetypal positions (Position), then focuses on connecting those positions together in coordinated ways (Connection).  From there, Composite’s programs add load (Strength), and then speed (Power), before finally integrating movements in ways that challenge the metabolic system, allowing you to develop the stamina to competently express those movements while fatigued (Stamina).  And Composite's approach focuses on making Movement not just something that happens in the gym, but a broader habit that permeates your entire day.

By working on all aspects of your fitness together, we can help you achieve a level of results far greater than just the sum of the parts.  That's why most of our clients choose a Composite Fitness program, which integrate lifestyle and nutrition coaching, program design and regular personal training into a unified whole, at a discounted monthly price.

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