What is Composite?

We're a new kind of gym that gets you objectively superior resultsor gives you back your money.

We combine new scientific research on health and habits with the leverage of mobile & wearable tech and the power of community support and one-on-one coach accountability.

Taken together, it's an approach that will get you into better shape, faster, than anything else.

You don’t choose an orthopedist just because he or she looks good in a bathing suit.  (Or, at least, we hope you don’t.) Yet that’s probably how you choose personal trainers or group fitness coaches.

Sure, it’s important that coaches walk the talk.  But in the past twenty years, research on sports science and behavioral medicine has exploded, and now rivals the volume in any other health and medical field.  To help you get great results, smart coaches need to know the relevant science in depth, and have enough years of practical experience to leverage that science in a way that actually works in the real world. Composite's coaches use their expertise to craft personalized, habit-based progressions, holistically across the areas of movement, nutrition and lifestyle, to help clients build sustainable patterns for success.

At the same time, advances in mobile and wearable technology allow coaches to guide, track and support their clients like never before.  So Composite builds and implements tech tools to help clients stick to those progressions, achieving clearly-quantified progress in a fast, reliable way.

Because both community support and direct accountability are strongly linked to better outcomes, Composite also focuses on building real relationships between each client and a dedicated coach, and between clients cohorts, who cheer each other on in-person and online.  

Finally, to keep ourselves accountable, Composite backs it all up with a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose, and so much potential health and fitness to gain; get started today!